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CAFL Conference – Be the Teacher, Be the Manager

CAFL Croatia held its second in a row conference for teachers and language school managers

Be the Teacher, Be the Manager, sponsored by Eaquals, Croatian Chamber of Economy and OUP.

This one-day event on 15 March 2019 included four speakers – experienced teachers, some of

whom are directors of study, school leaders, ELT consultants and coursebook writers – Jo Watson,

Lindsay Clandfield, Damira Mrsic and Irena Ziger. The conference offered most interesting talks

and workshops on topics such as why seek quality accreditation, why, when and how to introduce

technology in language learning, how to best give feedback, how to communicate internally.


Participants discussed different reactions to change and also tried their hand at using digital

coursebooks on the spot. There was a lot more to take home and into the classroom. The conference

was a good mix of academic thinking and practical ideas and tools. Thank you all for participating

and providing the CAFL members with such a unique event. Hopefully, the conference will continue

to exist on a regular basis.


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